Today, if you want to book a journey to a destination, you simply need to pick up your smart phone, browse the Internet, and get every bit of information you are looking for. The Internet is loaded with tools such as Google Maps, Google Street View which help to research holiday destinations. However, the travel websites has provided us free access to these locales, giving us the means to look around, and book in a split second.

Across the America there are beguiling spots that invite travelers from both near and far. These hot spots have been there for centuries, yet it’s the current access to an interconnected network of devices that has brought each of these spots somewhat nearer to home.

To make it easier for would-be sightseers here is a list of top websites for USA bound travelers:


It astounds me that countless Americans haven’t got any idea that this site exists. If you actually don’t know about this website, here is a little information about it. More or less: Road-trippers is the optimum resource for road-tripping around the USA. It will pick out each and every hotel, each of the attractions, every single nutty stuff and everything in between, and store it for the aspiring travelers as a map.

Air BnB

In the past you could hardly travel to popular cities without booking a hotel months ahead of time, to assure you weren’t – stuck out on the street or left to pay a vast sum for a room in the eleventh hour. Gone are the times of low supply and high demand. Now are the times of abundant choices, and more options. In short, AirBnB makes it easy to rent another person’s private flat or a room inside for a night, week, month or more. Splendid for the travelers who love a more local, genuine experience outside of hotels.

Spotted by Locals

For people who jump at the chance to investigate a city more like a local and less like a visitor, this is an awesome resource for those on the road. In brief, Spotted by Locals provides city guides, supplied to the person who enjoys a more local, ‘offbeat’ experience.


Odds are you don’t have the foggiest idea about your airline rights. That is alright, the majority of us don’t. However, when things do turn out badly, you’re going to wish you did. Airhelp is an incredible resource for getting your money back when things turn out badly and knowing your rights. Basically the website helps you recover your money. It is a convenient, informative website.


Skiplagged allows you locate cheap flights by pointing up secluded cities. For instance, if you need to fly from Boston to Philadelphia. It might be less expensive for you to book a flight through to an alternative destination with Philadelphia as a stopover. You book that flight (pinpointed by skiplagged) and just get off at your connecting airplane terminal. In short, a miraculous resource for one-way travelers.

To conclude, these websites makes life easy for the would be travelers headed towards USA.

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