Why Do We Need Travel Insurance?

To buy or not to buy, most travellers are often stuck in this dilemma when it comes to travel insurance. While little less than 3 million travellers fly out of their country every single day less than half of these people care to buy travel insurance. While the awareness on the need of travel insurance is growing by the day, majority travellers avoid this necessity and the few unlucky ones live to regret their decision forever. Here we shall take a look at some of the reasons you need to buy travel insurance and why it is worth every single cent you would pay for it.

You Can Avoid Hefty Medical Bills
If you have lived your life in the United States you are fortunate to have access to quality healthcare around you. This isn’t the case around the world where access to quality health care is limited to select areas and it is highly expensive. If you or someone you are travelling with suffers illness or injury during the vacation your travel insurance plan would take care of such expenditure. In case you need emergency evacuation that is also redeemable in some insurance plans.

Takes Care of Flight Cancellations
The start or the end of your perfect trip can be disrupted by flight cancellations. And yes before we forget it can happen in between too! Booking yourself into a new flight or finding comfortable hotel accommodation would be mean hefty out of pocket expenditure. When you have travel insurance, your plan would take care of such unexpected events.

Baggage Claim Woes Reduced
Lost and delayed baggage is pretty common and you may have had your experience in case you fly regularly. Your perfect reunion or business trip can be spoiled by such an event. While travel insurance won’t shield you against such an event they would bear the cost of clothing and medication till you are reunited with your baggage when it is delayed.

Covers Loss of Passport & Wallets
Imagine the helplessness and frustration over losing your passport or wallet in an alien place where there is no one to help you. This is pretty common if you ask people who travel regularly. How do you meet your emergency needs when you are left with no cash or card or the time it would take for you to get back home with a fresh passport? A traveller’s insurance plan would come to your rescue in such trying times.

Covers Cancelled Trip
A sudden disruption to a travel plan owning to illness or another reason that needs to be attended immediately can mean losses with respect to your ticket fare, hotel bookings etc. Thankfully your insurance plan can take care of that completely and also bear the extra costs you have to bear to reschedule your trip.

Do you still want to try your luck and avoid buying travel insurance? The costs of these plans have come down in the last couple of decades and they don’t hurt your pocket anymore. And the ‘peace of mind’ they offer you is priceless. Prior buying any plan, check Reviews on travel insurance plans.


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