A region of more than 3.7 million square miles, and a populace of more than 1.3 billion makes China a staggering goal for explorers. Where to begin? The confounding urban areas of Beijing or Shanghai, the powerful Yangtze River, the well known Great Wall? All are essentially fantastic.

While no single picture can catch the magnificence of China- it has lot many things to offer to give you memorable travel experience.

Have Tea for Two in Hangzhou

When you are in China- drink tea, a refreshing treat. The historical backdrop of tea in China is tremendous, as indicated by legend, it was first found as far back as 2737 B.C., however composed records demonstrate tea was first utilized as a refreshment several thousand years after the fact. Notwithstanding which is right, tea use in China has been around quite a while.

See Beijing in a Sidecar

Generally people choose walking or bus tour but, why not to explore China’s capital in the most fun way- nothing can be better than the sidecar of a motorcycle! These agile vehicles will give you a relaxed and close ride through the city’s hutongs — narrow, winding alleys lined with historical courtyard homes, where you can get a look at local people visiting with their neighbors or perusing customary shops.

Marvel at Buddhist Cave Art

China is home to many treasure troves of Buddhist cave art: statues, frescoes and carvings going back about 1,500 years. You’ll discover more than 250 caverns and 51,000 stone models at Yungang Grottoes, around 10 miles outside the city of Datong in the Shanxi area. Most striking are the enormous Buddha statues in the focal point of a portion of the caverns, yet set aside opportunity to value the resplendent subtle elements of the littler carvings too. In spite of the fact that visits are accessible, it’s sufficiently simple to get to the caverns by means of transport from Datong.

Follow the Silk Road

Slumping for a large number of miles crosswise over China and into Europe and the Middle East, the antiquated exchanging course now known as the Silk Road was previously a fundamental connection amongst East and West. Notwithstanding silk, incalculable products were passed between civic establishments — porcelain and paper from China, sandalwood and ivory from India, woven artworks and camels from Central Asia, skins and dairy cattle from Eastern Europe — in an ocean of convoys throughout the hundreds of years.

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Sebastian · November 20, 2017 at 12:18 pm

I follow various blogs to collect information about the popular destinations. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing valuable information. Keep up the good work.

Martin · November 21, 2017 at 6:08 am

Great list of places in China. I am going to China next week and I hope this list would be helpful for me.

Thanks for sharing

Ewan · November 22, 2017 at 12:13 pm

Thanks for sharing wonderful information. China has so many interesting places to visit. I shall visit one of these for sure.

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